INSIDE OUT movie, lessons and review

I took my daughter, who just turned 11, to see the movie INSIDE OUT last night. I thought it was good, but more importantly, there are some great life lessons tucked inside this little movie. I’ve never written a movie review before and this is more of a commentary than a review, I guess. I felt compelled to write it because the lessons actually brought me some peace – more on that later. Here are the lessons I gleaned from the movie:
1. Change is inevitable, it’s futile using all our energy to keep things the same, we just can’t.
2. All of our emotions, even the ones that seem negative like sadness and anger have an important part to play in processing life’s experiences and JOY has to take a backseat sometimes so we can work through our stuff.
3. Handling the emotions that surface while working through life’s experiences can’t be rushed, sitting with and working through negative emotions is not fun, but this step can’t be ignored if we are to be happy and balanced again.
4. Ultimately, we are to be happy – even sadness, anger, and disgust know that the ultimate objective is JOY.

So, since this is something of a review, I guess you want to know if I’d recommend seeing the movie, Inside Out. YES! Definitely! My daughter enjoyed it, it was cute and if you pay attention, you’ll leave the movie a little wiser than you went in. In my case, I’ve been beating myself up a lot lately because I feel like I am “taking too long” to deal with recent life changes – the lesson that you can’t rush the process was not wasted on me and – at least today – I will be more patient with myself and honor myself enough to take the time to work through my stuff.

Did you see the movie? What did you think?

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