Comfort Zones, Fear & Faith

My Daughter Near The River

A Lesson on Comfort Zones, Fear and Faith

I’ve been walking on this particular trail for a while now. I’ve use those walks as meditation and as an antidepressant. They really helped me deal with the grief of losing my mom at the end of 2014 and the depression that had taken over my life. On these walks I would look across the river and think, “It must be so beautiful to walk over there, on that side of the river.” These thoughts were almost always followed with, “I walked “over there” before and got lost, suppose I get lost again.” So, I kept thinking about it and putting it off. Well, today, I decided to walk on the other side of the river. I didn’t remember how I got to the trail’s entry so I asked people along the way. I found the trail, parked my car and began my walk. I saw a woman and her dog and asked, “if I stay right here on this trail, I’ll be OK right? I won’t get lost?” Too funny. I guess I was seeking encouragement from her. I continued my walk and I thought, “how wonderful that I’m over here. It’s more woodsy, it feels more natural, I love this place.”

My New Favorite Trail

As I walked, I kept hearing the sound of the river to my right and of course it was calling me, but I figured, “No, no, no, I’ll just stay right here on this safe trail, go for about half an hour and then I’ll turn back.” Soon after I thought that, I saw a man with his dog to my right, in the direction of the river. We greeted each other and I asked him if he had been walking along the river. He explained that his entire walk was along the river and shared how amazing the sounds were, he called it “acoustic wallpaper,” I love that. He pointed out the path and we said our goodbyes. I headed right, down towards the river and, oh my goodness, it was beautiful. The sound of the water rushing over the rocks made me smile and made my heart sing. I continued to walk not really knowing where I was going. Sometimes, the path ahead seemed to end or appeared treacherous, but as I continued, the path always became clear. I soon realized there were colored markers on the trees leading the way. I walked and walked, enjoying the sounds of the river, the views, and the beauty, and I thought, “I will never walk anywhere else again, this is my new favorite place!”

During my walk, today’s lessons became clear to me:
1. Step outside of your Comfort Zone, jump across that river of fear into something new, there’s so much beauty over there waiting.
2. As you journey into your new adventure, they’ll be times when you won’t know what’s coming up ahead, it will look treacherous, there won’t be a clear path, but trust your heart and have faith that a way will be made.
3. Feel the fear and do it anyway, it’s worth the journey.

The peace that fell over me during this walk, the beautiful views I witnessed, the fact that I had the courage to do something different, all of those things made for a better day and they make for a better life, really! What’s the use of being fearful and staying in a corner when the whole world is waiting for us outside of a our comfort zone. Here’s to us being FEARLESS!! … and living life.

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